Monday, 7 May 2012

Monday, 12 December 2011

Zine Brief

Typography brief a front cover for a student zine called horizon and a two page spread with a welcome article and they had to have common themes.

After looking at horizon scenes and places where you see welcome signs I chose road signs and drew up a couple of thumb nails of signs along roads.
I then moved them to photoshop to clean up the background and then in design to move the text around.

Illustration amnesty international

My poster for the amnesty international brief. I was trying to do a sewn picture by after trying i went back and cut it out in card and added type on the facts of sweatshops.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Typography Wolverhampton

Our first type brief was to write 250 words on something about wolverhampton and produce a two page spread. My writing was on accents and I used words that I found in a black country dictionary to fill tree quarters of the page in different sizes and tones. The last quarter is paragraphs in tones to match the random words above so the black of the title stand out.

Saturday, 12 November 2011


 I visited Rotterdam recently and took pictures around the city of things that stood out to me in a very built up grey and glass city


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Illustration mars in moscow brief

The brief is an editorial about the simulation trip to mars taking place in moscow called "Why you should avoid getting pregnant on the way to Mars". My first ideas from the title centred around mutant alien babies which was not the way to go. After rethinking my final picture is above. Using pastels, felt-tips and a fine liner its a spacesuit caring a baby on its back looking towards the russian flag. It's a take on a picture of the first moon landing.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Liverpool Trip

Pictures from the trip to Liverpool

Crosby Beach "Another Place" sculptor Anthony Gormley's installation.

My favourite pictures from the Tate Liverpool
 Robert Therrien

 Andy Warhol - The Kick

 Marc Quinn - The Etymology of Morphology

 Salvador Dali - Lobster Telephone

Statue of Billy Fury by Tom Murphy

Crosby Beach was horribly windy, cold and covered in rubbish which made Anthony Gormley's statue men seem desolate staring out to sea, stuck in place and rusting away. Someone had drawn a bikini on one of the lonely fellas and it made it look like a depressed clown.
Albert dock was much more active and cheerful with the Tate full of famous artists names and the Museum  of Liverpool with big swirling ramp and statues of lam bananas  outside. Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery and we were evacuated by fire alarm before seeing everything.
We went to the Merseyside Maritime Museum to see some ridiculous and some ingenious ways people had tried to smuggle things in to Liverpool.
We also walked through china town to see the Liverpool Cathedral the most touristy church I've seen with neon signs , a coffee shop and gift shop.